Matching Gifts

A significant portion of the money corporations give away to organizations each year comes through gift matching programs. If you work for a company that matches charitable gifts, you can increase the help you provide to Seafarers without adding a penny to your personal contribution. Many companies match donor gifts dollar - to - dollar, some even donate further.

You can begin this process by determining whether or not your employer has a gift matching program in place. If so, your company can tell you the steps to take to get your gift matched. Those steps may involve completing forms and submitting information about the recipient organization.

When making your gift to the Galveston Seafarers Center, indicate the your company intends to match it by checking the appropriate box on our secure donation page. Our staff is happy to coordinate with your employer and answer further questions they may have. Informing us of the match also ensures we count the matching portion of your gift as part of your giving total.

Companies not familiar with the Seafarers Center may need clarification of some crucial facts about the nature of our work and the ways in which we utilize donations. A company may consider giving a matching gift if given further information about the organization. You may find it helpful to share with your employer the following;

  • The Galveston Seafarers Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Although our Port Chaplain is provided by the Archdiocese of Houston - Galveston, the Seafarers Center is not an integrated auxiliary of the church nor does it operate a church of its own.


  • Many of the programs and services we offer consist of advocacy for mariners and spiritual guidance, and we offer all of our programs to individuals regardless of a person's creed, background, religion or ethnicity.


Corporate gift matching can double the difference in the life of a mariner served by the Seafarers Center. Help these men and women even more by asking your employer about gift matching today. 

Recurring Gifts

Dividing a gift into installments, through automatic payments on your credit/debit card, provides a steady stream of vital income to our organization and mariners. Regular cash flow allows the Seafarers Center to accurately plan and efficiently manage resources over the course of a fiscal year.

Monthly or weekly contributions of seemingly small amounts add up quickly, and we have made making a recurring gift easy to do. Simply indicate online that you would like to make a 'recurring gift' and select the start date and frequency of your gift. The Seafarers Center will then charge your credit/debit card each month on the date you have selected.

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